Angela, the Teacher

Angela is a middle school teacher who loves her job and goes the extra mile everyday to be a positive part of her students' lives. But she can’t show her face in the documentary, because her fiancé Michael is on death row for murder and she knows the school system and parents in Louisiana wouldn’t approve.

When prison wives tells their friends and family about the relationship, the reaction is everything from surprise, to fear, to anger. The stigma they face for loving an inmate is so strong that many women don’t tell anyone. 

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Social Media & Support Groups

Prison Wives find support through social media. Online and anonymous they can meet other women who understand the loneliness, the stigma, the fear for their loved one in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Prison Wives post videos on every subject, help each other through the hard times, share hugs, hearts, prayers and a lot of laughs.

Ben’s Graduation

Our character Ben Reed had multiple felonies and misdemeanours including charges for drugs, theft, and a history of domestic violence.  But when Ben woke up in prison with a 10 year sentence ahead of him for attempted murder and assault, he was determined to change his life around. Meeting his wife Journey gave him a second chance at love, would his family give him a second chance with them?

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